Monday, September 27, 2010

Another Noodle bowl

I got another nice bowl done today.  For some reason, the clay just would not cooperate.  I wedged it and slammed it and attempted to throw a bowl several times, but it would just not center -- maybe I should check to see if the wheel is level.  Its been a while since I leveled it.

I finally left a well-centered lump on the wheel to take Max to the vet.  I was afraid he had something wrong with him since he pants so much. Dr. Zahn said he looked very healthy.  He checked his gums and teeth, and said that the age of 6 and a half years was about right. He said the dog's heart sounded good and the lungs were clear.  The preliminary heartworm test looked fine, but the blood test would be more definitive tomorrow.  Heartworms in a dog of his size and age are not really treatable.  The treatment usually kills the dog before the heartworms do.

Max stayed with me in my studio while I threw.  He went in and out some, to check things out.  I did not want to keep him on a leash anymore -- I wanted  him to get used to being on our property without a leash on. He seems to know pretty well what is his domain and what isn't.

I printed out two recipes that I will try and make tomorrow.  I did not get all the glaze work done today that I wanted to, but bringing a new dog into the mx takes some time.  I had to do some other errands also. But I DID get one good bowl made and trimmed well.  Since I am not a production potter, it does not matter how much I make each day.  I've got 8 bowls to make, and I've got four good ones done here at the home studio and some more already bisqued at the Lee studio.  I want to make at least 16 good bowls to allow for damage  and to allow for experimentation with other colors and shades of red, blue and yellow.

I will start mixing up glazes tomorrow.

I'm off to bed now.


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