Monday, September 13, 2010


Well I've been throwing bowls forever trying to make the Perfect Noodle Bowl.  Laszlo ordered 8 noodle bowls from me, and I made about 15 of them before Hitomi got here and told me they were all too small.  But I thought  they were very cute, so I'll just fire them anyway and glaze them and we'll use them.

Laszlo said his at home were 8 inches across.

The whole noodle bowl thing started with me buying a scale to weigh clay on so I could get a consistent size in bowls.  I began with 16 ounces of clay.  I thought that would make a good sized noodle bowl -- but it does not. Those were all too small.  So I gradually increased the amount of clay -- two ounces at a time, throwing a few bowls at each amount -- to see how big I could get it.  I finally thought two pounds was the right amount of clay and the right size and I made 8 bowls that size.  Then Hitomi came and said there were all too small.

So then I started with 2 lbs. 8 oz. of clay and threw some of those.  Hitomi said they were too small also.......
So then I kept upping the amount again, starting this time at 3 pounds.  Still not quite big enough.  Upon returning from Kodiak, I threw a bowl at 3 and a half pounds of was too damn big.  So I reduced it to 3 lbs 4 oz and I threw a good bowl tonight. I'm happy with it.  Gotta make 8 more -- really I should make 12 more just in case, then I need to make 12 teabowls, 12 wasabi dipping bowls and 12 chopstick rests.

Then I need to make two sets of red dishes with all four items, two sets of yellow dishes with all 4 items, two sets of blue (cerulean) dishes with all four items, and two sets of black dishes with all four items.

Then that fulfills Laszlo's order, plus the Janus mug.  Then I get a brand new $350 wacom intuos tablet from him!


much love

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