Thursday, September 16, 2010


I threw and trimmed a couple more noodle bowls today.  Hitomi, when she came in to look at the last one, as I just set it up to admire its grace and shape, said "Is this one too shallow?"  That thought had just flitted across my mind a second before she said it, but I summarily dismissed it.  However, she is Asian and KNOWS what noodle bowls should look like.  So now I have two successful noodle bowls and one very beautiful but too shallow for a noodle bowl bowl.

I trimmed a teacup I made yesterday.  I made a somewhat interesting handle on it.  I don't really care about handles.  My philosophy about them is "They break off.  Who the hell cares what they look like? Make them big and strong and brutal."  Which is what I do.  My handles are about as big around as my thumb and have the pattern of my fingers squishing the clay on all of them. I love those handles.  They are very secure to grip and hold onto, and they fit my grip perfectly! (Of course! Duh! It's my grip the clay was formed under.)

But this handle is different. Its a teacup handle and its larger than a normal one.  It looks like the letter "C" with atttidue.

I really need to photography my work and post it.  That will clarify things immesurably.

Well, its nearly 6 am and I've been up for around an hour and a half.  I need to get back to bed.

I need to bake Hitomi a cake today for Ceramics class.  Tomorrow is her birthday!

much love

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