Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Well, I've loaded up the tiny kiln at Lee College Ceramics Studio with all but one piece of my own work.  This morning, I'm mixing up a batch of strontium opal blue glaze, then putting it on a cone 5 bowl, then heading over to the studio with it and three other midrange pieces to be glazes, then putting them in the kiln, then programming a 7 step firing that will involve a cooldown soak at 1400 degrees or so for one hour, then letting it cool down normally.
Here is the glaze recipe.  It's from Alysa Clausen's Sankey Glaze Database

A: Strontium Opal Blue -- from Sanky database downloaded 8.18.2010C: 6
D: cool maximum rate to 800C (1472 degree Fahrenheit) hold 1 hour E: 37.8 feldspar,Custer E: 24.9 silica E: 22.8 borate,Gerstley E: 11.2 calcium carbonate E: 3.1 strontium carbonate E: 3 rutile E: 0.4 cobalt carbonate F: gloss H: Alisa Clausen: gloss, opaque and covering glaze. Pale blue periwinkle colour, even where thick and thinner.

37.8 Custer Feldspar75.6 Custer Feldspar
24.9 silica49.8 silica
22.8 borate,Gerstley45.6 Gerstley Borate
11.2 calcium carbonate22.4 calcium carbonate
3.1 strontium carbonate6.2 strontium carbonate
3 rutile, 0.4 cobalt carbonate6 rutile, 0.8 cobalt carbonate

So, it will be my first firing by myself.  Except Jen will help me progam it. I'm excited to see what everything will look like.  No, I did not photograph each piece as a I glazed it.  My bad.  Maybe next time.  But I'll photograph the results, because they are a key test for the noodle bowls I am doing. I should get some very nice pieces out of it.  I hope the firing goes well.

much love

this was written at 7:30 am not 5:30 am.

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