Thursday, September 16, 2010




On a sad note, no one has seen Xena since this morning.  I've called the Harris County pound twice but they had no record of any dog at all picked up in our area.  She rarely wanders off any more.  I hope she is ok.  We will canvas the neighborhood with photos of her tomorrow or Saturday.

Tomorrow is Hitomi's birthday! She will be 16.  We had chocolate icing brownies and Snickerdoodle icecream at ceramics class for her.  It was a good class. Everyone got a lot of work done.

I began the monster on the awesome jug that Dink threw for me.  It will be auctioned at the Platter Bash in the spring. It is going to be awesome.  Already it has three eyes and two noses.  Tomorrow I will make it a mouth with many many many many teeth.

Tomorrow morning Hitomi and I go into the ceramics studio to unload the bisque firing.  Fernando will help Hitomi and I because we are short and cannot reach the bottom kiln shelves to lift them out.  We will go in there at about 10 am.

I hope Xena shows up, and Shovel.  Shovel is missing too.  I have no idea where they went.  Madison says he saw Xena this morning -- it is so unlike her to go anywhere.  I am worried that someone stole her.

Anyway, I feel peaceful in my heart about her, so hopefully she will turn up.

much love

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