Friday, September 17, 2010


Well, Hitomi and I got to the Lee College ceramic studio but it was locked.  I had already callled Fernando to let him know we were on our way.  We stopped at Dannay's donuts to get koloches and a breakfast burrito.  I got a milk to drink.

I called Lee College security to let us into the studio.  They came and let us in.  Then I called Fernando and he immediately showed up.  We began to unload the big oval kiln.  Fernando lifted the lid and Hitomi and I on either side put the braces in the lock position so the heavy kiln lid would not fall on our heads while we unloaded.

The pieces were still warm! The kiln registered 114 degrees -- plenty cool enough to open and take pieces out. We put everyone's ware on the bisque shelf except mine -- but mine was a LOT -- over 40 pieces.  We put all my stuff on a rolling shelf and then took it over to Fernando's locker where he said I could put stuff since his locker was empty. The only thing I put in my already full locker was Laszlo's face jug and Angelina Jolips -- both of which are now bisqued and ready for glazing.

I hope to fill the tiny midrange kiln next week and get my test pieces fired to see how the new glazes I mixed up do at midrange.

Anyway, everything is going good.  I still need to take pictures, but boy howdy! Do I have a LOT of stuff waiting to be glazed -- probably over 150 pieces from previous firings, including stuff from this one.

Gonna take a nap now since my night was not so restful.  I was awake til about 3 or so and got awakened at 7:40.  

When Truemy gets back from WalMart I need to make Hitomi's carrot cake for her birthday.

much love

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